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Cafeteria and Cuisine in the Italian tradition

My name is Fabio, I am Italian and I opened this café and restaurant in 2014, dedicating a great passion to this job, scrupulously following the traditional criteria of Italian cuisine and cafeteria. Later I got married to Tham and ...we both continue to carry out this place with great dedication and love.


A Restaurant in
center of the city


Located in the center of the city, in a characteristic pedestrian street, it is easily reachable on foot from the market or other important places in the town.

The dated French building, typical of the art deco style, reflects a poetic atmosphere typical of those countless old villas that Dalat can boast.


Our Team

From when we started our business, all our Team have  one goal in mind: providing an enjoyable dining experience to the Thành pho Đà Lat area. Thanks to our experience and dedication, our Team managed to become masters of the craft. Providing dishes that are fresh, healty and simply unforgettable.

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